O'Heart Festival 2019 Performer Application

The O’Heart Festival is a three-day, Conscious Living-Indie Folk event. This festival is deeply rooted in environmental awareness (alternative energy technologies and sustainability solutions), Wellness (Conscious Living), and live music. The festival also remains a family-friendly event, as well as plastic bag and illicit drug free event. Our raison d’etre is to inspire a shift in Consciousness and be a part of making a difference on the earth plane – opening hearts and coming together. We want O’Heart Festival to be a time of nourishment, a time to be uplifted, a time of greater understanding, and above all a time to Awaken! We want people to feel inspired and re-discover what it is to cooperate, and what is possible when you live from the point of view of Heart.

O’Heart Festival delights in acknowledging and embracing the indigenous tribes and traditional owners of our area, the Bundjalung Nation, and the Minjungbal people. We want to be a part of the healing of what has gone before – moving beyond the past actions of humankind and creating new networks for healing, growth and unity.
This is not just another music festival… We invite all of our artists to stand aside from their usual ‘egoic’ point-of-view, open their hearts and be a part of this inspirational and wholistic current. Are you one of those people….? If so, please read the following carefully.

Application Process:
We welcome acts of many genres – from singer-songwriters, alternative folk to old-school rockabilly and Jazz Fusion. We want to create a music programme that has something for everybody. Once you fill in our online application form, our O’Heart team will review it and get back to you as soon as we can. (*Please note, due to the current size of our festival, not all applications will be successful. We are continuing to grow and expand each year to accommodate more artists. If your application is not granted, we urge you to please apply next year).

Some billeting will be available upon request for successful artists. Tyalgum also has a great campsite suitable for vans and tents which is very affordable. We will be able to provide further information about accommodation to successful applicants. Artists will need to provide their own transport to and from the festival.

Artist Fees:
O’Heart Fest is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and acts as a fundraising platform for the local community. We are in our fourth year and growing… As much as we’d love to pay all of our artists what they desire, at this stage, we aren’t able to do that. This gathering is a collective of those who have the same vision as us – to support the growth of something new and exciting.

We would love to hear what you could contribute and how you could help us make a difference – to be a part of a prototype for a new way of living on this earth plane. If you would like to be a willing participant in this years O’Heart Festival as an artist, please click here to fill out our online form.

The O’Heart Festival Team

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Performing artists at O'Heart Festival are encouraged to stay all weekend to enjoy the festive spirit and get involved with the local community for this weekend. Nonetheless, please specify your performance availability:
O'Heart Festival Contingency Dates *
With the growing popularity of O'Heart Festival, this year we are taking into account the possibility of bad weather. As a contingency, if the weekend of August 16th-18th becomes unsuitable for the festival due to rain, the festival will be moved to the new dates of September 27th-29th. Please specify your availability for the contingency dates :
Music Links
Here at O'Heart Fest, we want to promote you and your music as best we can. Please provide us any links to your music and social media for sharing on our social platforms.
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PDF ONLY - In order to assure smooth running of our stages, the sound engineers need a clear outline of what instruments/ microphones are required for your act and your stage positioning. (*If you haven't created a stage plot before - here is a link to a downloadable template: http://oheartfest.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/OHeartFestivalTechSheet.doc.docx) PDF FORMAT IS PREFERRED FOR STAGE PLOTS PLEASE!
Please upload two images of your act:
1. One profile image (approx. 500x500px) to be used for your O'Heart Fest Artist Profile (Please make sure the image is square)
2. One larger image for other promotional purposes @ 300DPI
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Image 02 - Promotion *
Compilation CD - Please submit files as .wav
O'Heart Festival is very proud to be working with Spins the Gold to give this fantastic platform for our performers in 2019. Please provide us three original tracks to be considered for a place on our Compilation CD this year. Please note that even if you are a successful applicant for O'Heart Festival 2019, it doesn't not assure you a place on the CD.
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Does your act offer a workshop? *
Here at O'Heart many of our artists have other talents such as: yoga instructing, story telling, puppet shows, etc. Please let us know if you have anything you can offer to help make this festival a special event.
If so provide a description:
We encourage our artists to volunteer over the weekend and get involved in the community spirit. O'Heart Festival would not be possible without the support of the local community, business association and help from volunteers. If you are available to help around the festival in addition to your performance, please specify below. (*On average, our volunteers gesture 6hrs over the weekend).
Availability *
Do you have a PA System which you'd like to volunteer for the weekend to sponsor a stage? *
I Agree to Participate in the True Spirit of O'Heart Festival...
Agreement *
These are exciting times, where the possibility for real growth and making a difference is actualising. There are pockets of human beings all over the world right now participating in this shift - it's a crescendo, a revolution of human souls standing up and saying "no more, we want to be a difference and be part of the difference". By filling out this application, I acknowledge the true spirit of this festival and all that it is inspiring in the world. I want to participate with others to be the "one loud voice for change"!
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