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Teacher responsibilities.
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The teacher should understand the SOLE method and explain the method to his/her students before the program begins. *
The teacher should attend live SOLE sessions in order to support students if necessary. If that is not possible, the teacher should find a deputy to support the students. *
The teacher should ensure there is a back channel to offer support to his/her students during the live SOLE sessions. A back channel is a way for the teacher and student to communicate directly, without disturbing the Zoom call. *
The teacher should monitor the students' audio and network quality during live sessions. If a student's connection or audio is bad, or if there is background noise, then the teacher should ask the student to mute the microphone and participate only as a listener. *
The teacher should encourage students to write on Discord and should offer language and technical support for that. *
The teacher should ask his/her students, or their parents, for written permission to record live sessions. If any student does not want to be recorded, the teacher should inform the SOLE session host before the session begins. Recordings will be unlisted on YouTube. They are for educational and research purposes only. *
Participating students will receive a digital certificate at the end of the course. The teacher should understand how digital certificates work, and offer technical assistance to the students if necessary. *
Since SOLE Online does not want to collect students' private information, the teacher is responsible for distributing digital certificates to students. Certificates for students will be sent to their teachers. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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