Fraction Coin Interest
Citizens for Sound Money is planning on taking delivery of a 1000 Oz bar from Kinesis, melting it down, and having it minted into 1/10th Oz buffalo rounds. See the coin_minting channel on
- This is not yet 100% a certainty, but we think it's likely
- We believe the average price of these could be competitive with 1 Oz rounds E.g. 20-30% premium
- Plan to offer them at a lower cost in limited quantities per person, and a higher cost to buy more
- Plan to have a C4SM web link on the coins showing the bar being melted down
- Goal is to turn institutional grade silver into silver in a more monetary form, this is why we are using a standard design and fractional rounds.
- Signing up here does not commit you to purchase
- Will be sold for KAG. E.g. a 20% premium would mean 1.2 KAG for 10x 1/10th Oz rounds
- Initially focused in the US and Canada, but plan on this minting not being the last

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