Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #08
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“______ facit cessare taciturn.”
Hint: What is expressed makes what is implied to cease.
1 point
“Falsa ______, sive falsa grammatica, non vitiat concessionem.”
Hint: Incorrect spelling or ungrammatical expressions do not mar a gift.
1 point
“______ diei non recipit lex.”
Hint: The law takes no note of a fraction of a day.
1 point
“Prater fratri sine legitime haerede defuncto, in beneficio quod eorum patris fuit, succedat ; sin autem unus e fratribus a domino feudum ______, eo defuncto sine legitimo haerede, frater ejus in feudum non succedit.”
Hint: A brother may succeed a brother who has died without lawful heir in the benefice which belonged to their father ; but if one brother shall have received a feud from a lord, if he dies without a lawful heir, his brother does not succeed to the feud.
1 point
“Fatetur facinus qui ______ fugit.”
Hint: He who flies from justice acknowledges himself a criminal.
1 point
“Fieri non ______, sed factum valet.”
Hint: It ought not to have been done, but having been done is valid.
1 point
“Fides est obligatio ______ alicujus ad intentionem alterius.”
Hint: A trust is the obligation of one's conscience to fulfil the intention of another.
1 point
“______ down, redeem up.”
Hint: A mortgagee can only foreclose those claiming an interest in the mortgaged property after himself ; but a mortgagor must redeem every mortgage, and any mortgagee, in order to obtain the rights of a first mortgagee, must redeem all mortgages prior to his own.
1 point
“______ unius est exclusio alterius.”
Hint: The express mention of one thing causes the exclusion of another.
1 point
“Falsus in uno falsus in ______.”
Hint: False in one thing false in all.
1 point
“Falsa ______ non nocet.”
Hint: An erroneous description does not vitiate.
1 point
“______ coram quae tacite insunt, nihil operatur.”
Hint: The express mention of those things which are tacitly implied, has no effect.
1 point
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