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If you are interested in fostering for us, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!
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Azalea City Cat Coalition Foster Form
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Are you willing to work with special needs cats or kittens? (Medications etc.)
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Are you willing to work with a cat that has litter box issues?
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Do you understand that you must transport cat/kitten to vet after approved for medical services to one of our designated veterinarian providers?(All transports must be in carriers.)
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Please mark the felines you would like to foster.
Do you agree to keep cats inside at all times?
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You understand that you must contact ACCC when a foster cat displays possible health or behavioral signs and get prior approval to call one of our designated Vets?  Please type full name and initials. *
**Note** ACCC covers the medical expenses for foster animals, with prior approval from the organization. However, if you decide to take the foster to another vet of your choice YOU will be responsible for medical care and charges incurred at that time. Please sign name and initials. *
I/We understand that the felines fostered at your residence are the sole property of azalea city cat coalition and must be returned to us with a 72 hour notice, should you no longer be able to care for them. The foster parents do not have legal authority to euthanize them or surrender them to a shelter or other recue group.  Please sign full name and initials. *
You agree to relinquish all foster felines to ACCC upon request. Please sign full name and initials. *
Azalea City Cat coalition shall be held harmless should any; property damage, injury to a person in your residence or any other animal caused by a foster cat/ kitten.  By signing below you verify that you have read, agree to adhere to and understand all the terms and conditions set forth on this contract.  Please sign full name below. *
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Where did you get your pets from? (rescue group/ you took in/ bought/ shelter etc...)
Previous Rescue Experience?
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Reason you left/ stopped fostering
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Typically ACCC foster homes provide litter and food for cats that they foster. Are you able to do this?
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