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Phone Number *
List all who live in the home? Names, Ages, gender, Relationship. *
Describe your home activity level. *
Do you currently have/had any pets? If yes Name, age, breed?  What is/was their temperament and activity level? *
Tell me about yourself/family any hobbies/activities? (Hiking, Camping, Jogging, Bike Riding, Kids in sports, Dirt bikes,)   *
What type of home do you live in? *
Do you own or rent your home? *
If renting: Please indicate landlord contact information. Name, address, phone, and email.
Do you have a fenced yard? Please give details on height, material, gates, locked or lockable ect. If not how will you be sure to keep dog secure. *
Do you understand that my pups range between 10 to 30 lbs and sometimes can grow to be a little bigger or even be smaller. Depending on parents. *
Are you willing to wait for a puppy if necessary? Possibly 6 to 12 months. *
Do you understand that I will be evaluating each puppy and puppy picks will be after 7 weeks? (This means you won't know which puppy is available until evaluations are complete) I will suggest which pups I think is a good fit for your family and you make the decision for your family. *
A puppy is a lifelong commitment are you prepared to invest the time and the responsibility to raise a puppy? Sometimes getting up at 4AM or 6AM to let puppy out for a potty break. Feeding, brushing daily, and grooming cost. Along with all the joy, love, and puppy breath.   *
I do not guarantee size/color or coat. This is an estimate as all pups coat will change as they grow into their adult coat. Do you understand? *
Every attempt is made to match my puppies with families based on temperament first, as this is what is most important. Color and gender are secondary. We will always do our best to match as many of your preferences as possible. Do you understand this? *
Describe your weekly routine if you'r lucky enough to take home one of my pups. *
Are you willing to do a video walkthrough of your home upon approval? *
Do you already have a trusted veterinarian? If yes (Name, address, and phone number) *
Please describe how you will care for your puppy. (exercise, training, feeding, plans while at work or vacations, ect)
Are you interested in being a guardian home? This means pup lives with you and comes to me for breeding once they pass all health testing.
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Do you agree to feed the food we require to keep your health guarantee valid and to keep your puppy's nutritional needs met? *
Do you agree to return your puppy only to us in the event you can no longer care for him/her? (At any age no rehoming allowed) *
Please list 3 personal references with names, addresses, phone numbers and how related. Prefer not to be all family. List below please. *
Do you agree to spay or neuter your dog as per our strict non-breeding agreement? Ignoring this will void your health consent and will lead to a fine plus legal fees. If you are applying for guardian home we have a separate contract after site visit. *
Do you agree to continue regular veterinary care once you pick up your puppy? This includes vaccines as well as all required vaccinations after 1 year of age. (Please note: if you do not plan on vaccination we will not sell to you for the safety of our pups) Ignoring this once you have your puppy will void your health guarantee. *
Studies show that the causes of hip dysplasia are only about 20% genetic, 80% activity-related (before their growth plates close) Do you agree to limit the intensity of your dog's activity for their first 12 to 24 months (the larger the dog, the longer it takes) to encourage healthy joints? Our puppies are not permitted to use any stairs excessively, jump on/off any furniture, take part in any agility training, bike rides or strenuous hikes/runs during that time. Ignoring this once you have your puppy will void your health guarantee. Will you follow our instructions? *
Do you agree NOT to visit any pet store, group training class, or be around unvaccinated dogs for 72 hours prior to puppy pick up day.  
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Do you agree NOT to bring your puppy to any pet store, group training class, or around unvaccinated dogs until 2 weeks after their 3rd set of vaccines (18 weeks)? Ignoring this once you have your pup will will put them at a risk of contracting a preventable disease, which is not covered in your health guarantee. *
 Puppies require more frequent care than adult dogs and more regular trips outside during the day?  If you'r unable to be home, how do you plan on letting the puppy out midday? *
Who will be the primary care giver? Full name, address and state valid state ID. *
What activity level do you expect from your pup? *
What are the important factors of a dog for you? *
I understand that completing this form does not guarantee approval and is subject to Bay Area Aussiedoodles evaluating the application, reaching out to references and more.                                                          I also understand that any and all information used in this application will be used to evaluate my approval on getting a puppy and the Breeder may ask for additional information.   *
I understand that the Breeder has the right to terminate any contract made between us at their own discretion.                                     *
I understand that by filling out this form, if I am approved, this form will be linked to my signed adoption contract for Guardian Home or regular puppy adoption. *
I understand that applying does not ensure approval and that untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of this application can result in the forfeiture of any BAY AREA AUSSIEDOODLES puppy adopted by me, regardless if regular adoption or Guardian Home situation.                                                                                     *
I agree that if I'm unable to keep the dog(s)/puppy(s) anymore that I will contact and return the dog(s)/puppy(s) to BAY AREA AUSSIEDOODLES and will try to give BAY AREA AUSSIEDOODLES at least a 2 week period to make arrangements for return if needed.                                                                                                                     *
I certify that the above information is correct and I understand that I will need to provide a copy of a valid state ID. All the information will be verified. *
By sending this electronically, I acknowledge that I have completely read this questionnaire and comprehend it fully. *
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