Friday Night Fanfiction - Season 8 Guest Form
Hi, there! You're here because you're interested in being a guest reader on Friday Night Fanfiction for Season 8, which starts on January 23rd, 2019. We're happy to do our best to fit you into the reading schedule. You will need to submit some information here in order for us to provide you and the audience the best experience on the show as possible.

Guest readers will need to resubmit their intention to read on a per-season basis. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you've signed up for previous Seasons, you'll still need to submit again for this one.

First, some useful information if you want to be a guest reader:

1) We record on Wednesday nights, with the show starting at 8PM EST. See farther below for when and where guests are expected to be present. Season 8 will likely go from January 23rd through May or June of 2019.

2) Please be advised that if you submit to read for the show, you are expected to be responsive via the email address you put for contact. We send out assignment dates via Google Calendar and you'll receive an additional email stating that the assignment has gone out, along with the date.
* If the date does not work, respond as soon as possible to any email address on the chain to let us know to reschedule you, as well as find a replacement for your slot.
* If a date initially works but you have to cancel, email the chain for your assignment date to let us know in order to potentially find a different working date as well as finding a replacement for your missed appearance.
* If you fail to show up for a scheduled appearance without any contact, and do not respond to emails following up on that, your name will be added to our list of guests who, unless otherwise noted, are no longer to appear on the show. This is not meant to be a slight to people who genuinely intend to show up and life gets in the way. This is to combat people who submit the form with no intention to show up or respond to correspondence. While we have fun on the show, it is a major inconvenience for us to chase people down for their appearance on the show only to be met with radio silence. If you feel like you're in this category and would like to rectify the situation, please join our Discord server and message one of our hosts.

3) Make sure you have a good enough mic and headset in order to participate. At minimum we require an above-entry level USB headset. Integrated laptop mics, webcam microphones, and cell phones are unfortunately unacceptable for our standards of recording quality. If you don't have a headset or studio recording setup that is up to our quality and are still interested in reading even if it will be at some expense to you, here is our currently recommended USB Microphone (Blue Snowball iCE)

4) We have altered our show timing for Season 8 as part of an attempt to mitigate stage fright and live broadcast issues. When an episode is scheduled to have guests on the show, they will be expected to be idling in our General Voice (or "Party Time") voice channel by 9PM EST, ready to go. You must be idling in there, even if you have yourself on mute/deafen, so that we can bring you into the show voice when we're ready to have you.

Episodes will be split between a 1-hour broadcast featuring the hosts only, and then approximately another hour non-broadcast featuring the guests.

We use Craig for recording Discord audio as individual channels, however if you have a recording program on your computer such as Audacity that you can record your own voice with, it will greatly improve the quality of the final episode. Please try to have that set up ahead of time if you would like to help us out that way.

5) We tend to be relatively laid back when it comes to acceptable material, but we strive to be open and accepting of all types of people. Comments and behavior that are overtly negative or derogatory, including racism, sexism, and homophobia, will not be tolerated on the show. Depending on the circumstances, failing to follow this rule will result in anything from a side-bar warning up to a perma-ban from our Discord and invalidation from being allowed to participate in any future episodes. Some of the material we read may express these opinions, but the people on our show do not.

As long as you've read, understood, and agree to follow the rules above, please fill out the form below. You will receive emails from us when we finalize an initial schedule for Season 8. Thank you very much and we look forward to having you on the show!

What is your name/alias/what would you like to be called? If applicable, please include gender pronouns. *
What is your email address? (gmail preferred) *
Are you planning to guest appear with another specific person or people?
If you had another person or multiple persons you wanted to come on with, please give the total amount of guests and the additional names of those you'd be on with. We typically schedule 1-2 guests per episode to keep the dialog clear and let everyone have a good chance to read and make jokes. We can squeeze more people in (no more than 4 guests max) but there has to be special circumstances for that. This answer is optional so please leave blank if not applicable.
Is there a specific fanfic that you would like to be scheduled to read? *
If there's a specific story you've submitted that you'd like to read, please specify with fic title and author. If you haven't submitted it to us yet, please do so. We have a separate form for fanfic submission, located here:
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