The purpose of this survey is to ensure that we provide everyone opportunities to compete in 7-12 sports and to continuously improve the sports programs we currently offer.

The degree of your interest or lack of interest in athletic activities will be used to help determine what sports will be offered by the district. It is important that each student answer the questions carefully.

This survey is anonymous. Please do not type your name anywhere on the survey.

You are not required to participate in this survey, but we encourage each student to complete the survey.
What is your Gender?
Tell us what school you attend.
What grade are you in?
Do you participate in any Fall Sports? (Choose all that apply)
Do you participate in any Winter Sports? (Choose all that apply)
Do you participate in any Spring Sports? (Choose all that apply)
If you do not participate in sports, please tell us why.
Your answer
Do you participate in any sports outside of school? If so, please tell us about them.
Your answer
Before reading this survey, did you know about all of the sports we offer?
Do you feel all aspects of our sports and extracurricular programs are well supported by the district?
If no to the previous question, please tell us why?
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Is there a sport other schools have that you would consider playing here if we offered it?
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Would you consider an E-Sport? (Choose an E-Sport below if you would consider participating in it.)
What do you like about our sports programs?
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What do you dislike about our sports programs? (How would you improve them?)
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What could our district do to encourage more students to become involved?
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Do you have North Boone Pride?
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