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Generation of Vipers, by Maria Ann Green (out 6.18.21)
Rosabella Moore-Davis has just moved her husband halfway across the world, with a spur of the moment purchase–a glorious gothic mansion–while on vacation in France. It was love at first sight, and somehow she knew it was more than just some huge house; it was meant to be her home.

But not all things that are meant to be end happily ever after.

Rosabella soon finds herself waking in the middle of the night from more than just wind and creaking pipes. In the dark she discovers ghostly figures looking up into her windows from outside, rooms and treasures previously hidden for centuries, creeping crawling guests, and too many dark shadows lunging toward her. And still, somehow, instead of screaming and running away she researches, choosing knowledge over fear, and learns more about the house and the history of this place she loves so much.

Only when she stumbles into the past, meeting an aristocrat hiding enough deadly secrets to take down the patriarchy, does Rosabella start to regret her choices. And after having come this far, she worries it’s too late to turn back and save herself from a house that has more skeletons in its vast amount of closet space than anyone expected.

Rosabella isn’t the fleeing type, but she’s not sure she’ll survive the fight. Especially against a place with so many stories buried beneath it, burned into every fiber of the edifice, a house with a portal to dark places and troubles that shouldn’t be stirred up.

Generation of Vipers is a mix of crimson peak and Mike Flanagan’s Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor, with elements of Marisha Pessl’s Night Film mixed throughout.

If you like dark thrillers that border on horror, gothic elements, and deliciously dark twists that will keep you guessing, then Generation of Vipers might be your next favorite book. It'll keep you reading just one more page all night long, too afraid to turn out the light and go to sleep.

It appeals to lovers of suspenseful plots, all things dark including thrillers and horrors, and stories with murder and mayhem. Fans of American Horror Story, Mike Flanagan's Haunting of Hill House, Marisha Pessl's Night Film, Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak, and readers of Shirley Jackson, Gilian Flynn, Ruth Ware, Tana French, J.A. Konrath, and the Timothy Blake Series by Jack Heath will also love this twisted story!

*Content Warning: graphic violence, sexual content, and language*

Find it on Amazon:
Naive in Love, by Tori Alvarez
How do you know what love is if you’ve never experienced it? Is what you’re feeling Love or Infatuation? How can you tell?

Sophia is having trouble navigating love during her first year in college—her mind and body are torn between two men. Caleb, her first boyfriend away from the comforts of home and friends, is everything she thought she wanted. But as their relationship progresses, Sophia wonders: Is he merely protective or becoming too possessive? The other guy, her secret crush, Ethan, is gorgeous, rich, and unattainable. He can have any girl he wants—so why would he want her? But it’s just a crush. He’d never fall in love with her, right?

She longs for both men, but she must choose between them. But how does she choose? How does she figure out which one her heart calls out for? And can she choose before someone gets hurt?

As the time to make a choice looms ever closer, Sophia realizes this choice is not just between two guys. It’s a choice between who she was and who she wants to be.

The advice “follow your heart” takes on a whole new meaning with this new adult romance about true love and learning to trust your heart.

**Content Warning: 17+ for underage drinking, marijuana use, foul language, and sex.**

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The Secret of the Codex, Melissa Frey
Somewhere, buried deep underground, lies an ancient Secret…

When archaeology professor Kayla Harrington heads to Belize for the summer, she discovers a collection of Mayan hieroglyphs detailing stories of a powerful Secret. But when her colleague, Grady McGready, joins in the search, she begins to realize that there’s more to this secret—and to him—than she thought.

But secrets don’t stay hidden by chance…

As Kayla and Grady get closer to uncovering the Secret—and the power it promises—they, along with grad students Mandy and Justin, are thrust into the hands of a ruthless Clan determined to prevent the Secret from being released at all costs. Through deadly rainforests, raging rivers, and hidden passageways, the four embark on a journey to bring to light a Secret that has been hidden from the world for far too long.

Fans of Dan Brown and James Rollins will love this archaeological supernatural thriller with non-stop action that keeps you wanting more.

Find it on Amazon: https://www.
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