Giveaway Bookbub
Do you want to join our giveaway to gain followers on Bookbub?

The buy in to join is $50, and is to be paid to secure a spot.

For this giveaway there are 15 spots open to get maximum exposure for the participating authors.

What will be required of you, beside the buy in is:
Send out your newsletter, at least once, with links to a landing page that will include all the books sponsoring the giveaway and the giveaway.
And promote the giveaway on social media to get more people to enter.

What you´ll get:
You´ll get followers on Bookbub.
Your book of choice promoted with the giveaway via the landing page.

There will be 15 spots for this giveaway and your spot will be confirmed only AFTER payment has been made.

If you want more opportunities like these you can join our Author Group on Facebook:

The giveaway will start when the 15 spots are filled and run for about 2 months.

This giveaway is put together by Raven Publicity and Mitsy PA.
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