IHS Bulletins Submissions
Hey Sixers! This year, we will be having weekly announcements that come out every Monday (or the equivalent of that day in the school schedule, if there is a holiday). These bulletins will be in both video and flyer format.

We will post the announcements on:
— Our Instagram (@indyactivities)
— Our Twitter (@ihsactivities)
— Our YouTube (Uncle Sam)
— SchoolLoop (https://ihs.schoolloop.com)
— Our Website (https://ihsactivities.com)

Please send your announcements by every Wednesday @ 11:59PM so they can be shared the following Monday morning. This is a hard deadline. We will display a max of 20 announcements each time and display them according to first submitted.

Additionally, please limit your announcements to 140 words and please write your announcements with correct grammar and punctuation. If you submit an announcement and would like to make a change to it, please resubmit your bulletins submission before the Wednesday deadline.

For any other questions or concerns please contact us on Instagram @indyactivities or send us an email at independence.asb@gmail.com

Thank you very much!
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