Shawnee Heights 2023 Burn Permit Application
Open burning permit application for the residents of the Shawnee Heights Fire District

INSTRUCTIONS: please complete all fields of the form and click SUBMIT.  An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provide below with your burn permit attached

Burning is permitted under the following regulations:  KAR 28-19-547. SC HR 99-3

This Burn Permit expires 12/31/2023.

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Applicant Name *
Applicant Phone Number *
Applicant Address *
Location of burn. Address or directions from closest intersection if no address assigned. *
What are you going to burn?  Grass, leaves, tree limbs, etc. Note: Regulations specifically prohibit burning of items such as tires, metal debris,petroleum products, construction debris and any other types of hazardous materials. *
    1. Call the fire department each day that you want to burn for burning conditions and permission at 785-379-0566
    2.When you call the Automated Burn Permit system you will be advised if burning is allowed for that day.  If allowed, you will
        be prompted for your permit information (Permit Number, your Name, and address of where you will be burning)
    3. Burn only dry, clean wood and organic wastes, such as grasses, leaves and agricultural fields.
    4. Clean wood waste includes only dry trees, brush, and non-treated lumber (No CCA, creosote or other chemically treated or
         painted wood).
    5. Consider alternatives to open burning such as recycling and composting.
    6. Use only enough diesel fuel to start the fire, not keep it going. If the wood is not dry enough, do not burn it.
    7.Stay with the fire while it is burning. If you have to leave, put out the fire.
    8.Burn only when the wind is below 15 miles per hour.
    9.Mow or clear area a minimum of 15 feet on all sides of the burn area.
  10.Notify your neighbors within 1000 feet of the burn site of your intentions.

 NO Burning will be allowed IF:
Surface wind speed is greater than or expected to be greater than 15 mph
The Fire Safety Index is high – (dry conditions, low humidity, moderate to high winds).
The fire department may also restrict burning if there are active fire suppression activities ongoing
Prohibited Items
Burning of the following is not allowed:
Tar paper, composite roofing, any asbestos containing material, siding, paint cans. railroad ties, landscape timbers , plastic, foams, old furniture, cloth, petroleum products, hazardous chemicals, household cleaners, metals, aerosol cans, dead animals, tires, or non dry heavy smoke producing wet brush or trees.  If your not sure call the fire department.
I have read the accompanying  Burn Permit Instructions and agree to abide by them. I also understand that Shawnee Heights Fire District has the right under HR-99-3   to charge service fees for response to any non permitted or illegal burn operations and that K.A.R. 28-19-647 allows the Shawnee County Health department to pursue enforcement proceedings through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. I will call the Shawnee Heights Fire District each day before I burn and will keep this permit in the possession of the person at the burn site for inspection. On the day I wish to burn I will notify the fire department by calling 785-379-0566. I will listen to the recording prior to burning and leave a message with my name, location, type of materials to be burned and the date and time. *
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