Ravenwood Health Consumer Satisfaction Questionnaire 2018
Please rate the following statements regarding your experiences with Ravenwood Health. Your opinion and honest feedback will help to improve our services. Your responses are anonymous. Thank you for your participation.
My initial phone contact with RH was friendly, respectful, and helpful.
I understood what I needed to bring to my first appointment.
I knew what to expect during my initial appointments.
I received an explanation about the various services that RH offers.
My concerns and worries were paid close attention to by staff.
I believe I am better able to cope with life.
I feel better now than I did when treatment began
I participated in my treatment planning and decisions.
I felt listened to and understood.
My appointments were scheduled in a timely manner.
I was provided services in a culturally sensitive manner.
I received the type of service I wanted.
I felt safe and secure in my treatment environment.
I would recommend RH services to my friends and family.
The overall quality of my mental health services was good.
How long have you been receiving Ravenwood Health services?
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What is the name(s) of your Doctor, Case Manager, or Therapist?
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What services or programs were you involved in?
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What did you find most helpful about our services or programs?
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What did you find least helpful about our services or programs?
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