2019 Travel Scholarship Application
Fill out this form to apply for a travel scholarship to attend the OFMA Annual Meeting on Friday February 22, 2019 in Corvallis, Oregon.

If you are a farmers market managers or organizer who does not otherwise receive compensation to cover the cost of travel to Corvallis to attend the OFMA Annual Meeting, we may be able to help out!

Travel Scholarship recipients will be reimbursed after attending the event via check sent by mail and will also commit to filling out a short survey about their experience at the event.

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First and last name.
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If email is not a good way to reach you please enter your phone number here instead.
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Briefly, tell us why you want to attend *
In less than 100 words please tell us why this would be a valuable opportunity for you and your farmers market or organization.
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Other compensation? *
We want to know from each travel scholarship applicant if you will receive any funds from your farmers market related to attending the OFMA Annual Meeting, and if so how much. Please estimate the total amount of funding ($) that you will receive from your farmers market for attending the OFMA Annual Meeting (e.g., answer $50 if your market will cover $50 worth of your expenses/time).
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Farmers Market Street Address *
Please enter the full street address for your farmers market. Your market address will be used to calculate your travel mileage.
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Mailing address *
If awarded a scholarship, what is the mailing address for receiving the travel scholarship. A check is mailed after your attendance at the event.
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Scholarship check payable to *
If awarded a scholarship, what is the name that the scholarship check would be made out to?
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If awarded a travel scholarship, I am willing to complete a short survey about my experience at the event. *
We will ask travel scholarship recipients to fill out a brief survey to give feedback on the OFMA Annual Meeting.
Race, Ethnicity and Additional Demographics *
Please select all that apply. You may decline to answer by selecting the "Decline to Answer" option. OFMA is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as core operating principles. The purpose of gathering this information is to ensure that we are able to allocate travel scholarship resources in a way that puts this commitment into practice, to the best of our abilities. All answers will be kept confidential. You can view the definitions we are using at the following "Diversity Definitions" page: https://tinyurl.com/ya3ftwhn
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