DragonMelde's Beer Label Badges!
Fill this form out if you are interested in getting one of my new Beer Label Badges!
Please be sure to read my full TOS on my website: https://dragonmelde.com/terms-of-service/

Price: $75
Any Species
Any Gender
Don't like beer? Why are you here?? 🍻

Your badge will be delivered digitally via email unless you want to purchase shipping for an additional cost.
(Free shipping until August 24, 2020)

After you fill this out, I will contact you via email to send you a payment invoice and get your ref sheet. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL YOU GET AN INVOICE
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What style of beer do you want? These can be fun (Imperial Pony Stout) or serious (Hefeweizen). If you want me to choose something for you, write "Artistic Liberty". If you have a SHORT name and want to just have your name + Ale (ie: Eric Ale) and NO style written below the ribbon, please write that. *
What ABV do you want? (alcohol by volume, ie "5.1% ABV") If you want me to choose, write "Artistic Liberty" *
Do you want free convention delivery? You MUST be attending a convention I will be at to pick up your badge from me in person. These slots are limited and first come first served. *
If you are not able to do at-con pick-up, do you want a physical copy of you badge mailed to you? You will always get a digital copy regardless of what you choose. I will email you for your mailing address upon completion of your badge. (*Free shipping until August 24, 2020) *
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