Palisades Booster Club Grant Request
If you would like financial assistance for your special activities, events, programs or materials, please apply for a grant by completing the following steps:

(1) Complete this grant request form. You will be emailed a completed form as a PDF file.

(2) Print out and submit that form to Dr. Magee by NOON on the Friday preceding the Booster Club meetings.
-meeting dates: 9/25/18, 10/23/18, 11/27/18, 1/22/19, 2/26/19, 3/26/19, 4/23/19

(3)Attend the Booster Club meeting to present your request and answer any questions. We strongly urge applicants, including students who will benefit from a grant, to participate in the discussion for your request.

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Have you previously requested a Booster Club grant for this event/need? *
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Briefly describe the expected benefits of this grant, and how you will evaluate the educational impact of the requested funds: *
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Did you seek to have your request funded as part of the PCHS budget? *
If yes, please provide any information you may have as to why your request was not funded via the budget and what steps you have taken to secure funding elsewhere.
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