How are you creating a #NationOfAdvocates?
The purpose of this survey is to gather anecdotal evidence that structuring students' experiences around the principles of CI can help all students find success in world language classes. I seek short anecdotes that illustrate how your efforts to teach with CI have allowed you to help students who may otherwise not have been be interested or who may have had prior negative experiences to enjoy learning languages and find success. Participation is completely voluntary and can be anonymous (simply do not provide your name). If you submit the form, I may use your story or anecdote on my blog or in future publications to tell the story of how we are creating a #NationofAdvocates with due credit to you.
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A colleague recently wrote that when he began teaching with CI principles, "the complaining stopped, interest grew, and engagement went through the roof". This, in my experience, is not an anomaly. Then he added: "I have a student in 10th grade who took Spanish I twice. He is one of my super active participants, with great ideas and tons of vocabulary. I ask him why he failed before, he said he hated Spanish and now he loves it!" This is the kind of story we need to share with the world. Please share (deleted) one or two short anecdotes that illustrate how CI has helped you guide students to see themselves as capable language learners. Tell me a story of how you are better able to REACH students who seem likely to not experience success in a more traditional paradigm. Please use code names for your students.
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