Tungor ren Aninisin Chiakku Esapw Kamo
(Request for Assistance with Free Interpretation Services - Chuukese)
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A tongeni wor omw pwuung ngeni emon chon awewe fos/chiaku esapw kame ngonuk, tiwenon chok ren ekkewe prokram ika neni ikewe ia sinap non fosun Merika a auchea omw kopwe fiti.

(You may have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you, except for programs or areas where English proficiency is required for participation.)
Ien ewe campus uwa mochen churi/no ngeni *
(The campus I am seeking support for is)
Ien ennetin itei non Kapasen Merika (English) *
(My legal full name in English is)
Uwa aea foosun *
(The language I speak is)
Ngang mei nit eman chon chiakku epwe anisiei ren *
(I would like to request a free interpreter in helping me with)
Ien ai we nampan fon
(My contact phone number is)
Ien ai we email address *
(My email address is)
Kinisou chapwur ren omw aninis!
(Thank you very much for your help!)
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