Request For Palm Beach County School Board Proclamation
Although inclusion on the agenda is not guaranteed, an effort is made to accommodate proclamation requests. Please note that there is no formal, ceremonial presentation of proclamations at Board Meetings.

If your proclamation request is approved, it will simply be added to the New Business portion of the Meeting Agenda.

After a review by the Communications department, Superintendent, and Executive Cabinet, the contact person you indicate on this form will be notified via email if the proclamation has been approved.

For any questions about this form or Board Proclamations, please contact Ms. Nnéka Nnolim - Executive Communications Specialist at
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2022 Preferred Board Meeting Date: *
Proclamation Requested By: *
Please provide the following information for the person requesting the proclamation: 1) First and last name 2) Job title 3) School, department, or organization 4) Email address 5) Phone number.  
Topic / Name of Proclamation: *
For example: "Proclamation For May as Board Meeting Awareness Month." Please note that Proclamations are not issued for individual/personal events. This includes, but is not limited to birthdays, graduations, retirements, promotions, reunions, births, deaths, engagements, weddings, or anniversaries.
Purpose of Proclamation: *
If You Answered "Other", Please Specify the Purpose of Your Proclamation:
Proclamation Narrative: *
Use this space to provide the narrative that will appear on your proclamation. Please see the Sample Proclamation below for an example. Provide information to come after the "Whereas". Your narrative cannot exceed one page in length. All of the content must fit on one side of an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper.
Sample Proclamation:
Contact Person For Follow-Up and/or Additional Information: *
Please indicate a contact person to receive the approval of your proclamation request, and who can be contacted if additional information is needed. **At minimum, an email address must be provided in order for the contact person to receive written approval of the proclamation.** Provide: 1) First and last name 2) Job title 3) School, department, or organization 4) Email address 5) Phone number.
Special Instructions
Approval of your proclamation request is not guaranteed. Submitting this form only ensures that your request will be considered.

Only one event/cause can be included on a proclamation. If there are multiple events/causes you wish to celebrate, a separate proclamation must be created and requested for each.

Proclamation requests must be approved by the Superintendent and Executive Cabinet. Proclamations can be approved or not approved at their sole discretion. If your request is not approved, that decision is final.

There is no formal, ceremonial presentation of proclamations at Board Meetings, they are simply added to the New Business portion of the meeting agenda.

In some instances, a board member may decide to read a proclamation out loud during a board meeting. That is entirely at the discretion of the individual board member, and not under the control or direction of the Communications department.

Proclamations are not automatically renewed. You must submit a new request each time you want a proclamation added to a Meeting Agenda.

Your proclamation narrative may be edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, content, and length.

Proclamations cannot be used as promotional devices to advertise an organization's products or services. The content of your proclamation must be neutral in its language and presentation.

Please respond to requests for additional information in a timely manner.
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