2019 KACF Associate Board Application
Please submit this completed application and a copy of your resume to Priscilla Kwak (priscilla.kwak@gmail.com) by March 12, 2019. Overview of the AB and its requirements can be found here: bit.ly/KACF2019ABdetails.

Please contact Priscilla Kwak (priscilla.kwak@gmail.com) or Michelle Kim (sykim.michelle@gmail.com).

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What makes the mission of KACF meaningful to you, and what motivates you to serve? *
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Describe your volunteer experience (past/current), including involvement with KACF. Of the latter, which event(s) were most impactful, and why? *
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What skills, connections, resources and expertise can you offer and are willing to deploy on behalf of the organization? *
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Will you be able to commit to the AB charter, which includes expectations for all Associate Board members to attend all in-person meetings and conference calls, as well as actively participate in AB planning and activities throughout the year and contribute to your individual give/get ($5,000 over two-year term)? *
Name of the person who referred you (if applicable) + how did you learn about KACF’s Associate Board? *
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