UCR MSA Brother's Roommate Pairing 2019-2020
As-salām ʿalaykum wa raḥmah-Allāhi wa barakātuhu!

Please answer the questions below so we can pair you with a suitable roommate.
UCR MSA is NOT responsible for finding you an apartment, initiating or signing a lease, paying rent, nor do we have authority over the UCR Dorm system. Our sole purpose is to aid Muslim students in finding compatible Muslim roommates.

For further questions, contact our brothers' coordinator Ahmed Srass at (909) 263-9791

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Note: Sharing a room will reduce your portion of rent
If you have any disabilities, please specify any necessary accommodations below.
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Which apartment complex do you want to live in? *
Note: you should contact the leasing office 2-3 months before you plan on moving in
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Which of the following best describes your sleeping habits?
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Don't wake me up
How organized are you?
Rub some dirt on it
You color-code your socks
What noise level are you comfortable with?
OVER 9000!!!
If you have any addition information, please add it below.
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To participate in our MSA Roommate Pairing Program, you must agree that there will be no drugs, smoking, or alcohol usage in your apartment. All students are expected to respect each other's space, property, and beliefs. *
If you disagree, MSA reserves the right to withdraw this service
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