feedback and support
Thanks for your interest in the weekly python live coding remote learning activities and thanks for your patience as I try to get things up and running.
So far, I've been really grateful for everyone who's given feedback or suggestions. Particular thanks to Dan Tait at All Saints for providing the first competition for the second episode.

The idea is to provide a weekly python remote learning activity that starts with a 10 minute live coding video then leads into a choice of differentiated online activities related to the code produced in the video. It's free and doesn't need any logins or downloads for students to take part.

I'd really like to get a group of teachers together who'd be willing to try out some new features. The big ambition is to create a weekly coding competition that any student can join: something to create a bit of motivation for students and something that teachers can track to demonstrate students' progress and identify where to prioritise support. Students would need to log in to take part in the competitions but it would all still be free (and remain so).
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Shared it with students
Episode 1: Random activity chooser
Episode 2: Quiz time
Episode 3: Abstract art
Would you be willing to try out new features (e.g. group assignments, student tracking and competitions?) Or to possibly help setting a challenge for future episodes? *
How useful would you find each of the following features in a weekly python live coding remote learning resource:
Please don't do this
Not very useful
Quite useful
Very useful
Absolutely essential
Live coding video explaining how the code is put together
Access to the code to run it and tweak it
Differentiated challenges for students to work through
Teacher instructions to send out to students
Ability to track students' progress
Competitions and prizes
Clear selection
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