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Hey chevre! We're cautiously excited to come back together on Shabbat. This is something we've spent a lot of time considering, ensuring it's in line with our values and purpose, as well as governmental, health, and religious guidelines.

Friday night davening will be in Bennett Park at sundown - so this week at 7:30pm (signup not required)

Shabbat morning will be at the Beis - 587 Ft Washington. For safer indoor gathering, we have new HEPA air purifiers and filters and will have windows open, to ensure good ventilation. Space will be limited to 33% of our capacity (approx. 25 people), and distancing and masks will be required for all. Davening will be a little different - shorter (starting promptly at 9:30am after Pesukei d'Zimra, and an estimated time of 1.5 hours) and less singing. Due to the limited number of slots (and considerations around switching sides and minyan), signup is required, and if you're signing up please commit to coming and coming on time.

There will also be kiddush following davening (around 11:15am) in Bennett Park.

We're also excited to have Shabbat afternoon learning, taking place at 4:30pm. It'll be a discussion-based class studying the parsha; no background required but signup required.

This signup is for Parshat Acharei Mot, 4/25

Any questions, feel free to email
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