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Hey chevre! We're excited to come back together on Shabbat. Signup is no longer required, but if you're new or want to get more info on the schedule, signup here to be in the loop!

Friday night davening will be at the Beis at sundown (or 8pm in the summer)

Shabbat morning will be at the Beis - 587 Ft Washington. For safer indoor gathering, we have MERV-13 filters and will have windows open to ensure good ventilation. Masks are now optional for vaccinated folks, and davening will start at 9:30am with Blessings and Pesukei d'Zimra, and finish by 11:45am

There will also be kiddush following davening (around 12:00pm) in Bennett Park.

We're also having Shabbat afternoon learning, taking place an hour before sundown. It'll be a discussion-based class studying the parsha; no background required. That will be preceded by mincha/afternoon services, and accompanied by seudah shlishit/some snacks, maariv/evening services, and a musical Havdala as we escort Shabbat out

Any questions, feel free to email
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