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Assistance for care supplies, funding, food, and training for rescues/shelters in Minnesota apply here.
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Animal Food
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Self Care Funds
Other Supplies
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If requesting for fees, please explain what type of fees and for how many animals. *
Please be as specific as you can. Include fee amounts, if possible (i.e. micro chipping $10 per dog for 5 dogs). ***Please note if fees/services are already paid for and you are requesting funds to help your organization, we may request for a copy of the receipt/invoice to demonstrate that funds were used for their intended purposes.
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This is one of our efforts to work together and partner for the betterment of animals. Our goal is to partner with your organization to help one another help more animals. This includes, but not limited to: 1) Sharing resources 2) Sharing each other's missions via social media, web site, etc. 3) Promoting and supporting one another
Important Note-Please Read
Please note that we at Dogs Of A Good Society will do our best to meet your organization's needs. Please understand that due to demand we process applications on a first come, first serve basis as well as based on supplies and funds available. We are mindful when it comes to the situation and urgency of the request. Your organization may be placed on a waiting list for resources pending. Thank you for your patience. We at Dogs Of A Good Society appreciate what you do for the animals in need and are happy to be here as a support to you and your great work. We invite you to contact us with any questions/concerns at info@dogsofagoodsociety.org

After you submit the application, someone will be in contact with you within 48 hours to confirm your application was received and with further information.

By typing your name below, you and your organization understand that Dogs Of A Good Society is providing resources and operating under 'good faith' and will not hold Dogs Of A Good Society responsible or liable regarding resources donated and provided. I understand that I accept the resources as a donation and am not under any obligation to Dogs Of A Good Society, nor is Dogs Of A Good Society under any obligation to myself or my organization.

Funds Discretion-Please Read
If your organization is allocated funds for assistance, Dogs Of A Good Society reserves the right to audit your use of funds at any time under our discretion. Funds must be used as intended (i.e. medical care, care supplies, emergency vet services). By signing below your organization agrees that funds received from Dogs Of A Good Society are to be used only as intended stated on this application and/or agreed upon with and by D.O.G.S. Any misrepresentation or false statements will hold the organization subject to suspension or permanent removal of assistance from Dogs Of A Good Society.
Please note that your organization will not be awarded any funding or supplies if there are no attempts of engagement with us on your social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, FB, etc).

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We will share your organization's great work and our partnership. Let's work together to help more animals! Thank you!

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