BitEverest Colo RFP - Q1 2018
BitEverest is a cryptocurrency mining concern seeking to develop strategic partnerships with operators of data centers and other facilities with adequate power, cooling and other capabilities to support a portion of our mining infrastructure. BitEverest is developing multiple mine sites within the United States, with a specific focus on facilities which can offer substantial power capacity with minimal lead time.

We are not your typical co-location prospect, although the services we need are substantially similar to those of your typical customer. Our equipment can, if necessary or beneficial, be housed within standard full depth server cabinets. Alternatively, open air shelves can also be used, if the physical space and cooling capabilities are compatible with such an arrangement. We do not have an inherent need for all of our equipment to be located within the same physical area. In fact, we are more than willing to be creative in terms of coming up with placement solutions within your facility. As an extreme example, if you had 6RUs of excess space and 4kW of excess power available in 50 cabs, our equipment could be distributed among this space.

Because of that, this is not your typical RFP. While we do need some general information about the facility, we are not going to tell you the number of racks or the amount of square footage that we need. We want your help in developing an innovative way to place and power this equipment. But, don’t worry. We are not at all opposed to the idea of using standard server cabinets if that is what works best for your facility. For details about what exactly the equipment looks like and its other properties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached via e-mail to

Each of our devices has a peak draw of approximately 1,323 watts. We are seeking to develop partnerships with facilities at which we can deploy at least 150 devices, for a total draw of approximately 200 kW. We will place a maximum of 1,500 miners in any particular facility, with a total draw of approximately 2MW.
At this time, we are only accepting proposals from providers who can meet certain baseline requirements. While we certainly do appreciate your time and attention to this inquiry, please note that we will not accept, store, or give any consideration to facilities which do not meet all of the baseline requirements. As the cryptocurrency ecosystem evolves, we may seek to develop relationships with providers who meet alternate profiles and can meet different baseline requirements, but at this time, we respectfully request that you do not send any proposals which do not meet these requirements.

The proposed service must meet the following minimum criteria:

1) A minimum of 200 kW of power must be immediately available for provisioning within the facility.
2) The net effective power cost must for usable critical power must be no more than $0.15 (15 cents) per kWh, accounting for all costs associated with the power and supporting infrastructure. For sites with seasonal disappearances in power cost, the average annualized rate must be no more than this amount.
3) There must be at least two reputable Internet service providers within the facility.
3.i) There must be sufficient diversity in the path between these providers and the rest of their networks to negate the possibility of an outage caused at any single point of failure.
3.ii) The providers must be able to deliver a standard 1G Internet transit service via an optical connection (SMF or MMF) at the time the site is established.
4) The facility must have on-site personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year who are capable of providing basic “remote hands and eyes” services within 30 minutes during “normal business hours” (starting no later than 9AM and ending no earlier than 5PM) and within 60 minutes at all other times.
5) There must be adequate physical security measures in place to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the facility and the equipment co-located therein.
6) There must be sufficient means in place to detect and alert the facility operator of:
6.i) Smoke
6.ii) Fire
6.iii) Water leaks (if appropriate based on the physical cooling infrastructure or other considerations)
6.iv) Variations in the facilities temperature which may indicate a cooling system failure or other anomaly
7) All infrastructure components must be regularly tested, inspected, maintained in good order and operated in a fashion which conforms to the manufacturer's specifications.
To have your proposal considered, you MUST complete the worksheet included blow and send it along with your proposal. All information requested in the worksheet must be provided therein and cannot exclusively make reference to attachments or external materials.

The absolute deadline for submission is Friday, December 29, 2017. Ideally, all proposals would be submitted no later than Friday, December 22, 2017.

* If you operate more than one facility and would like to submit proposals for different facilities:
If the proposal and all relevant figures contained within the worksheet (aside from the facilities address and details relating to the physical construction) are identical, a single proposal can be submitted. Please provide the address of the other facility(ies) and info and the details relating to their physical construction within the Notes section.
* If any of the terms and relevant figures are not identical, please submit a separate proposal for each of the facilities.

Once you have submitted this questionnaire, please send a quote for the services described to us via e-mail at Please ensure we can associate your company name (as listed on the worksheet below) with your e-mail. Ideally, the quote would originate the e-mail address that you enter into the questionnaire

Along with your quote, please also send a copy of the following additional documentation:

* A copy of your standard marketing collateral material relating to the facility
* A copy of your standard terms and conditions (we recognize that our unique requirements may require some unique modifications, but please do not worry about those changes at this time. We will evaluate the standard agreement and work to identify any concerns).
* A copy of your standard service level agreement or similar agreement, if it is not incorporated directly into your standard terms and conditions.

Should you have any questions or need any additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail to

We thank you for your time and attention to this request.
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