*** Notice of Motion Form *** International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK)
Use this form to propose any and all constitutional or rules changes to the ISSFHK. Motions must be submitted one month prior to the AGM. The AGM in 2013 will be at RCHK on May 15th, so all motions must be submitted no later than April 15th. All motions will be shared with all schools one month prior to the AGM. This allows time for athletic departments to discuss proposed changes with coaches and staff. All schools should be prepared to discuss and vote on all motions at the AGM.
Please indicate the section of the constitution you would like to amend, or which sport rule you'd like to change. *
i.e. (Article C Section One, Ball Hockey, Tennis or U12 Swimming)You will need one form for each amendment/change.
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Please word the motion exactly as you'd like it read, discussed and voted upon at next ISSFHK AGM. *
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