GEAR Con 2018 Programming Application

Thank you for pitching programming for GEAR Con 2018. Use this form to submit any activity you would like to run in a convention space, from writing/publishing workshops, board game demos, or DIY fashion panels, to dance lessons, a tea dueling party, live theater, or anything else you can think of. If you are submitting multiple activities, please complete and submit a unique form for each one--you can open a new blank form from the verification message after you've filled out this one. If your activity is multi-part, please submit an entire form/description for each segment.

If you are submitting an activity, our assumption is that you are personally volunteering to prepare, organize, and run it at GEAR Con. (To simply suggest a programming topic, please email If we like your idea, we'll email you for additional information like your professional bio, comprehensive contact details, special scheduling needs, etc. Once we've collected a critical mass of activity submissions, we'll contact you to ask what programming beyond your own you might like to participate in.

Stumped for what to present? Support our 2018 theme track, "The Great War"! Share your expertise--or your curiosity--about militaristic steampunk (and militaria as a steampunk-adjacent fascination); dieselpunk/decopunk/"late-period-early-modern" retrofuturism; and/or the causes, contexts, consequences, and science-fictional/fantastical creative possibilities of World War I. GEAR Con also requires essential programming like "steampunk 101", steampunk media recommendations, weird history & science, and Victorian fashion basics. Note that single-proposal panelists will be encouraged to additionally adopt one of these topics, so write for suggestions.

Please also note that ALL presentation rooms at GEAR Con will be equipped with technology to help you get your point across: light PA with vocal microphones and a line-in for your device's microphone jack, plus a digital projector or LCDTV with connectors for your device's VGA, HDMI, or Thunderbolt/Mini-Displayport output. IF YOUR VIDEO PLAYBACK DEVICE HAS A DIFFERENT VIDEO OUTPUT CONNECTOR THAN THE THREE LISTED ABOVE, IT WILL NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH OUR PROJECTORS AS EQUIPPED, and you are responsible for providing cables/adapters to convert to VGA. If you have more advanced needs, or just questions about presentation tech, email and Stephen or the ops department will get back to you.

[It should go without saying, but:] Our receipt of your submission does not guarantee its acceptance or inclusion and does not constitute an offer of employment. We make no guarantees regarding room placement or scheduling, though we will do our honest best to accommodate your needs and wants, in that order.

GEAR Con 2018 is July 7-8 at University Place Hotel, 310 SW Lincoln Street in downtown Portland, Oregon. Please see the "Hotel" page at for information about booking your stay at our discounted rate.

Please fill out all of the fields below as fully and accurately as possible.

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The name we'll lodge in our registration system so you can claim your badge.
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Public-facing name? *
The name you're known by in the steampunk community/fandom. Our website, program guide, and other publications will exactly reproduce what you enter here including spelling, capitalization, punctuation, honorifics, ranks & titles, post-nominals, etc., so please double-check this entry before submitting this form.
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Please briefly describe your place in the steampunk cosmos, including whatever websites or social profiles can tell us more about what you do. *
A SHORT statement like "I'm the Amazon Top 100 author of XYZ steampunk romance series, see". Please write as though we've never heard of you. If you've already submitted at least one proposal for GEAR Con 2018, please type "see above". (We may adapt this into a micro-bio to promote your presence at GEAR Con.)
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Please preferably one you're responsive to and that you check for misrouted non-spam frequently.
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Describe your activity for Team GEAR Con. *
This passage will explain your proposal to us behind the scenes. Is it a solo presentation or a panel discussion? Will it teach a practical skill? Will attendees make something that they can take with them? There is no character limit here, be as fully-descriptive as necessary.
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Write the first draft of your activity's schedule listing. *
This is your sales pitch/elevator speech for convention patrons to attend your programming. Be concise but descriptive. A good format is "short, no-nonsense title: longer explanatory subtitle with a clever hook". May be edited for publication.
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What is the total duration of your activity? *
Round up. Includes time for setup, activity, Q&A or other follow-up, and cleanup/teardown. Panels include final 5-10 minutes for next panelists' setup. Performances & parties include load-in and sound/tech check.
Where should we set your activity? *
Some themed rooms may be in high demand or have large periods of time pre-blocked. We'll place your activity in the best & most appropriate space available at our discretion, but our starting point is your preference of:
What ages can participate in your activity? *
What, if anything, should attendees bring to your activity?
E.g. a prerequisite skill, a stack of their business/calling cards, the first 5 pages of their novel, a non-cherished broken toy, $5 for materials, a laptop with SketchUp installed ... ?
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Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants for your activity? *
This is especially important for us to know and publish if you have limited quantities of materials to supply to participants.
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Have you offered this programming at other events? Where & when?
If such exists, please include links to relevant photos or video. (I.e. if your project is a make-and-take, what does the finished product look like? Etc.)
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How many times can you run this programming? *
We will follow up to discuss the number and scheduling of repetitions.
If we receive multiple requests to run this type of programming, what would you prefer to do? *
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