Tennessee State Parks Field Trip Grant Request
Thank you for your interest in taking your student group to visit a Tennessee State Park! Whether students are learning about science, English, art, history or a variety of other subjects, Tennessee State Parks provide a unique opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. Funding can cover transportation, lunches/snacks and related project supplies. Approved applications are based on funding available. *Note: estimated cost/child averages around $10-15/child.

Please fill out the application below. We do our best to respond within 2-3 weeks from submission. If you have questions regarding this application, please email brenda.mikec@tnstateparksconservancy.org. Thank you!
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Please select 1 park. A list of Tennessee State Parks can be found here: tnstateparks.com/about/find-a-park. If you receive the grant you are responsible for contacting the park to schedule your visit. You may contact the park in advance of submitting your application to plan your trip, but it is not required.
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Pre-activity can be anything that will prepare students for their park visit (Examples: game, presentation, quiz, art project, video etc.). Pre-Activity Description: *
Post-activity can be anything that will assess what students learned on the field trip (Examples: game, presentation, quiz, art project, video etc.) Post-activity should produce a measurable academic gain to be shared as part of the Park Field Trip Report. Post-Activity Description: *
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