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The deadline to Apply is the 20th of February 2023

The recently launched Innovative Financing Lab (IFL), through MDF and R&D Group, will provide growth-oriented SMEs with pre-investment or post-investment support. This application form is for the pre-investment support - the Investment Readiness Accelerator. This program last 4 months and consists of group sessions and individual support for you and your team to help you get ready to apply for funding.

This application form is for companies who want to access funding. Please go to our other Application Form ( if you have already accessed funding and want to apply for the post-investment Management Advisory Program .

This pre-investment program lasts 4 months and consists of 6 half-day group workshops and peer-learning sessions with 15-20 SME leaders. Next to this, you will receive individual business coachingonsite support from junior business advisors, and networking sessions with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ethiopia.  The focus of the 6 sessions in the program will be on your Product/Service, Marketing, Financial Management, Operations & Team, Governance and Compliance, and Growth Strategy/KPIs. The goal of the program is to become investment ready and produce the required documents to apply for funding with a financial institution during or after the program.

Become one of the first SMEs to receive early bird-free participation in this innovative program. Apply before January 30th by filling out this google form (please don't forget to click submit at the end). Applicants will receive more information by email before the end of January. Please reach out to or call +251115577382 in case of any questions. 

NB: Participation in the program is free for the first 70 SMEs. But companies are expected to pay for their own transport to and from the workshops and networking sessions at the R&D Group office or the Innovative Finance Lab at the newly built Hibret bank HQ in Senga Tera. 

We look forward to your application!

For more information  about the program please read in Amharic and English: Investment readiness accelerator external - Google Drive

Selection criteria:

  • The business is registered and has been making substantial sales for at least a year
  • You can provide financial documentation for 2021 and 2022
  • The company is looking for an investment to grow
  • You can invest a minimum of 12 hrs/month into this program between February and June
  • Businesses in any sector are welcome - companies in agriculture, IT, and manufacturing are encouraged to apply.
  • Companies led by women or youth (under 35) will receive a preference
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