Bricks & Glitter 2020 Volunteer Form
Bricks & Glitter's 2020 festival will be held Sept 13-27 both digitally and in person (respecting physical distancing & public safety measures) by and for 2SQTBIPOC artists and organizers in the GTA. This year, Bricks & Glitter will train a small group of volunteers, who will provide support at each event. Please submit this form to express your interest in volunteering at this year's festival. Contact or message us on Facebook to get in touch or ask questions.

All volunteers will be expected to attend a 1-on-1 conversation with B&G 2020's volunteer co-ordinator and 1 3-hour group training session before Sept 13 2020. As the needs of each event will vary, we will ensure that volunteers are adaptive to differing scenarios.

DEADLINE for filling out the volunteer form: Friday Aug 28th at 11.59PM. You will receive a response within a week after the deadline.
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