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We're excited to hear who you'd like to sponsor through GitHub Sponsors! We're inviting people off the waitlist in randomized order, prioritizing folks who've received recommendations from others. We're sourcing recommendations from two places:

1. This recommendation form.
2. The Sponsors application itself. When a developer applies to Sponsors, one of the questions is: "What developers would you like to sponsor through GitHub Sponsors who aren't already part of the program?", and we're pulling from these responses.

Your recommendations will help us shape the beta, so thank you for taking the time to recommend people!
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Please share (a) a link to their GitHub profile, if they have one, and (b) a brief note for why you think they're a good fit for the program. For example: " is a great fit for the program because she's been building tools for open source communities for last 10 years."
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