PositiveBlockchain Contributors
If you land here, it means you are interested in becoming one of our Contributors and Blockchain Positivists. First of all, thank you for that and congratulations!

Just to re-cap, here are the main "blocks" of the PB website:

http://PositiveBlockchain.io is a growing database where we aggregate blockchain-based projects that are working towards creating a positive social, environment or political impact. They could be projects launched as startups, partnerships, cryptocurrencies, government or corporate initiatives.

At the moment, projects are listed in the following categories:

Finance, Education, People & Peace, Donation & Aid, Infrastructure, Environment, Government & Public, Democracy & Voting, Identity, Supply Chain & Trade, Agriculture & Food, Water, Internet & Media, Energy, Others.

Each category also contains a number of specific tags.

These are the first level of categories on our website, where we curate resources based on the respective impact areas of sustainable development. Topic Pages are the go-to platform if anyone wishes to explore Positive Blockchain solutions by sector / development area.

Work-in-progress example: https://positiveblockchain.io/energy

Going one level deeper, we are working towards launching individual project pages in summer 2018. Once available, there will be the option to click into each project and read about its background and details on its own feature page.

Work-in-progress example: https://positiveblockchain.io/listing/koina/

As we believe in inclusive development, building conversations around the database for society at large is just as crucial as growing the database. We are currently revamping our digital content strategy and are always on the look-out for submissions of high quality articles, interview pieces.

MORE about our story here: https://medium.com/@lucas.zaehringer/what-is-positiveblockchain-io-5c4aede8e21

Contributors are recommended to spend 1-2h/week to help build these blocks and grow the community. Be part of us!

Upon reviewing your applications, we'll get in touch and invite you to our admin & contributor's pages.

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