PermaBlitz Host Application
If you wish to be a PermaBlitz Host please fill out this form. This process is important so we can tell you right away if your property is suitable for a PermaBlitz. To qualify to get Blitzed you will need to attend two free PermaBlitzes and attend at least two free Chico Permaculture Guild (CPG) Gatherings. Volunteering with Earthshed Solutions will also count towards qualifying to get Blitzed. This model is based on reciprocity; help others and you’ll get helped. Hosts will also need to obtain any materials used for the implementation of design projects (mulch for example) and provide a hearty lunch and drinks for the participants and volunteers.
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PermaBlitz Questions
Are you familiar with Permaculture? *
If yes, what is the extent of your experience?
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Do you currently grow food or garden? *
What are your eventual gardening goals? *
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PermaBlitz project area *
e.g. Zone 1 only or 1,500 sq. ft. near your house
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PermaBlitz goals and visions *
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When can you host a PermaBlitz? *
Currently PermaBlitzes take place in April and October, please indicate Spring or Fall or Either as your preference. We are booked for 2018.
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How many people can the property support for a PermaBlitz? *
Are there any limitations for parking or any other constraints for attendees, if so, please explain.
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What is the amount of time you have available for maintaining your property after the PermaBlitz? *
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Are there bathrooms available for PermaBlitz attendees? If so, how many? *
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The Host provides food and drink during a PermaBlitz. Are you able to provide both omnivore and vegetarian options? *
If you are a vegetarian or vegan we will not insist you provide an omnivore dish for participants, however, please let us know if you do not want to provide an omnivore option.
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Will there be access to the property by the PermaBlitz team after the PermaBlitz to observe and document the progress of the project? *
If yes, please explain any conditions you may have.
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For safety reasons, can you provide a first aid kit for the PermaBlitz? *
If you have animals that could cause a disturbance or threat to the volunteers, are you able to secure them in another area? *
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Site Assessment Questions
These questions are only preliminary. If chosen to be a Host you will be sent a more comprehensive design questionnaire.
Do you own or rent this property? *
If renting, do you need permission from your landlord?
If permission required, please provide details of potential constraints to the use of the property for the PermaBlitz.
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How long do you plan to live at this site? *
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Do you have a parcel map of the property from the county? *
Or plans from a property survey or other maps of the property and/or house?
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What is your budget range for project materials? *
Materials for project implementation must be allocated and/or purchased by the Host prior to the PermaBlitz.
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Are there any tools you can provide? *
Please explain.
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Select PermaBlitz project examples that interest you: *
These are only example projects for a PermaBlitz. Not all could be implemented at one time or be appropriate for your property. Please select only the most relevant projects for you and your property.
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