Game/Quiz Proposal for KISS2017
Propose a reality-TV style quiz or competition for an afternoon session of KISS2017.
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Which familiar format most closely resembles your proposal?
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What's the name of your game?
For example, "Name that Sound",
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Describe the format/premise of the game
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Can it be structured as a competition among teams?
Who is the proposed master of ceremonies (MC)
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Who would be the judges/score keepers?
Is it a qualitative judgement or easy to keep score? Are winners judged by audience applause?
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How many Kyma stations would be required?
Ideally, this would be one per team
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Would each Kyma station need a beamer or large screen for the audience to follow along?
Can the game be structured so "everyone is a winner"?
The idea is for everyone to learn something and have fun (we don't want anyone to feel discouraged after all).
Any other technical/logistical considerations?
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