Lehman High School Vertical Team Private Lessons for 2018-2019
Congratulations on your interest in taking private lessons! All students involved in the bands at Lehman, Chapa, Simon, and Wallace can benefit from the private lesson program. Private lessons play a key role in motivating high achieving students to excel beyond the abilities of the group and at the same time can provide critical individual attention to the student that is having difficulty keeping up with the group. By completing this form, you are indicating an interest in taking private lessons and will be contacted by a private lessons teacher approved by the band directors of Hays CISD.

Benefits of private lessons:
¬ Students hear a mature one-on-one example of tone and technique.
¬ The dedicated private student learns at an accelerated rate and progresses faster through the levels of band.
¬ Students get tips on how to practice that are specific to them as an individual performer on their instrument.
¬ Students work one-on-one with a teacher to break down difficult parts of their music.
¬ Students build a one-on-one relationship with someone who will monitor and motivate them to practice regularly.
¬ Students become more confident on district audition material and solos.
¬ Students develop advanced technique for performance of their instrument as their skill level increases.

Private lessons are a supplemental opportunity for band students to excel on their instrument. This is not a free program. Students, parents, and/or sponsors make payment directly to the lesson teachers.

Other Important information:
¬ Private lessons are once a week.
¬ Lessons are during band class, before school, or after school.
¬ Lessons during class are ½ of the band period. Other lessons are 30 minutes.
¬ The price of lessons is $20 per lesson. You can fundraise to cover costs!
¬ Private lesson teacher will contact you about your lesson time.
¬ Some instruments may have limited enrollment.

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