CareerDevs #CodeNewbie Program ( 2019)
The 100% FREE CareerDevs #CodeNewbie Program:

- For beginners. No experience required
- For people who are curious about computer programming
- For people who wonder if they could have a career in this field
- Slow and steady pace
- Start from the beginning (HTML/CSS)
- Learn to build a personal website
- Includes an introduction to JavaScript
- You don't have to be GREAT at math

Program Overview:
- One day per week for 8 weeks
- Providence, Boston, New York or ONLINE
- 100% FREE
- Have fun learning with other people
- If you need a laptop/chromebook, we will provide (Providence, Boston, New York only)

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Arnell Milhouse, CEO - CareerDevs Computer Science Academy
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A key to computer science is being persistent, patient and thinking logically.
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