Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) Membership Survey
For more information, please read our cover letter here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vSbatbUAND3NRuk9uFiIn2_Kz6qF8iEV6CAFXOVcBSk/edit?usp=sharing

This is an informal survey of Our Revolution supporters in Massachusetts. It is not intended to be scientifically rigorous, but we hope it can help us to learn more about our membership, identify potential alliances with other organizations, and promote representation of all communities, particularly underrepresented and marginalized groups, within ORMA.

If you would like assistance with translation in order to complete this survey or make it available to someone you know, please contact ourrevolutionma@gmail.com with the subject line: TT Inclusion Team.

About You
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What is your affiliation with Our Revolution?
Join Our Revolution?
If you are not currently affiliated with Our Revolution (national), ORMA or a local affiliate and would like to join one or more of these groups, please enter your city/town and zip code here.
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Do you identify with one or more of the groups listed here?
If you identify with another group not listed here, please feel free to add it under "Other."
Want to join a caucus?
If you selected a group in the previous question, would you be interested in participating in an Our Revolution Massachusetts caucus for members of that group?
What are some important political causes or social justice issues for you?
Here are some broad categories. Feel free to add specific issues you are passionate about!
How might ORMA best serve your interests?
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Other Organizations (Part 1)
Are you involved with any other organizations whose mission aligns with that of Our Revolution? If so, please list them here.
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Would you be interested in acting as a liaison with that organization (either formally or informally) on behalf of ORMA or your local OR affiliate?
Other Organizations (Part 2)
Are there any other organizations (including those that you aren't personally affiliated with) that ORMA should partner with?
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Do you speak any languages other than English? If so, would you be willing to assist us with translation of ORMA communications and other materials into those languages?
If yes, please list the language(s) below.
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All Volunteer Action (AVA) is a statewide effort by Our Revolution Massachusetts to recruit and build a volunteer network. Would you like more information on AVA?
If yes, you can also sign up directly here: https://timecounts.org/ourrevolutionma
Founding Convention
Since we are still in the process of planning the convention, the organizational structure, logistics, program, and many other details are still being defined. We would like to hear from as many of our members as possible about what you would like to see in a founding convention.
Inclusion and Accountability
We are in the process of evaluating different models for the structure of our statewide organization. Do you have any suggestions about steps we can take to make sure our organizational structure and processes are inclusive of and accountable to ALL people?
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Convention Program
Do you have any suggestions about items that you would like to see on the program for the convention? For example, speakers, workshops or panel topics?
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Are there any considerations that you would like us to keep in mind with regard to the logistics and planning of the convention? For example, specific steps that we should take to ensure that the convention is accessible to as many people as possible?
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Other Thoughts
Any other thoughts on how to make this a successful founding convention?
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