Querfeldein 2019 artist application form
Application form for QFE 2019 from 26th till 27th of July 2019.
This form is made for musicians and artists who'd like to be part of Querfeldein Festival with their performance.
Please fill in this form carefully.
Each year we put a lot of effort in creating a round and well-belanced programme. Since QFE is a small, private and non-commercial festival "by friends for friends" the focus is on a familiar athmosphere where young and old can have a lot of fun.
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For musicians: style | genre (except music for children)
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For NON-musicians or music for children:
What exactly do you show? (e.g. fire show, puppet theatre ...)
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For bands: Please choose ONE pepresentative which should be our contact person (first and surname).Zuname)
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For musicians: Please enter ONLY a website, where we find samples of your musical work! Applications without musical examples cannot be considered. (yes, this has happened already ;D) All others: Please enter a side where we can see and/or listen your work.
If you have a facebook site please enter this here.
Three adjectives which describe your music, art or style. *
So we can make better promotion for you.
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international country code + postcode - wher you as single artist or most of your band members coem from. e.g. D-12345
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How many members does your band consist of? How many artists belong to your performance?
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