2020 UntitledTown Call for Pitches
We’re accepting proposals for the fourth annual UntitledTown Book and Author festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which will be held April 24-26, 2020. (Check out our past festivals at www.untitledtown.org).

DEADLINE FOR PITCHES: OCTOBER 20, 2019. In order to be considered for the 2020 Book and Author festival, you must complete this submission form by OCTOBER 20, 2019. We welcome authors and presenters from all backgrounds, education levels, publication experience, and geographic locations. Writers of color and LGBTQIA writers are encouraged to submit a pitch.

TO COMPLETE THIS FORM: Please fill out all required information. Propose your idea for panel, reading, workshop, or session as directed below. If you want to propose a panel, it must be self-contained (you staff and moderate the panel, and list all members on this form). Please note: Festival session space is limited, and the selection process will be competitive.

THE FINE PRINT: Pitched proposals and panel sessions are not paid opportunities. While we greatly value your time and expertise, UntitledTown Co. is a nonprofit organization dependent upon the generosity of sponsors and grants, and we cannot guarantee that funds for payment will be available.
Topics We'd Love to See for Festival 2020
*Individual readings or performances by creators of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, history, and comics—as well as storytellers, slam poets, or hip-hop artists (open to all ages)
* Group readings or performances by writers/storytellers of all ages in a guild, or united by a theme, or representing a particular demographic region, journal, or school (open to all ages)
* Craft talks on publishing, editing, book-making, comics writing, storytelling, illustrating, or any phase of the creative word-art-making process
* Presentations on any of the topics above or below
* Workshops in hands-on book arts, illustration, storytelling, writing, interactive narrative, performance poetry, graphic narrative/comics, or hip-hop
* Since our Festival theme for 2020 is Community, we're also interested in events that highlight CREATING COMMUNITY THROUGH WORDS: through narrative gaming, fan fic, blogging, writing groups, creative residencies, literacy or libraries, hashtags/social media/online groups, oral history, narrative medicine, healthcare and writing, veterans' writing, prison-writing programs, etc.
* Something not listed here that would BLOW. OUR. MINDS.
Propose your Pitch
TITLE of your proposed self contained panel, craft talk, publishing talk, author reading (must be published to host a reading), or community based event (storytelling). *
50-word (or less) DESCRIPTION of your proposed self contained panel, craft talk, publishing talk, author reading, or community based event (storytelling). *
Full Name (Or name you are published under) *
Email address *
Which city/state do you call home? *
Your Website URL (if applicable)
100-word (or less) AUTHOR BIO— Please write your bio in the third person (example: "Jo Writer lives in Green Bay, where she finds inspiration in flea markets," etc.) *
Our main criterion for accepting a proposal is whether this session will be USEFUL to writers, INTERESTING for readers, or effective at community outreach. In 20 words or less, describe why your pitch will be useful to writers or interesting for readers. *
UntitledTown is committed to featuring a wide range of voices, backgrounds, and experiences. Proposals that help us do this will be warmly received. If applicable, please provide a short description of how your proposed session appeals to our goals of diversity and inclusivity.
If applicable, please list the NAMES of other panelists and moderator who will participate in this panel/workshop/etc. (Note: You are responsible for providing/organizing your own moderator for self-pitched panels and sessions).
How LONG will your proposed session last? *
Which of the following do you require for your session? *
HEADSHOT: Link to your headshot on Google Docs, Dropbox, or other file sharing service. All headshots must be a minimum 300 DPI and at least 3 inches by 3 inches. MAXIMUM SIZE: 1 MB. (Note: If you propose a self-contained panel, we will ask for your panelists' photos upon acceptance.) *
OPTIONAL: WORKSHOP LEADERS. While you may propose any kind of workshop above, we'd especially welcome WORKSHOP LEADERS for the following sessions. Lead by an experienced teacher or writer, a Workshop will offer a hands-on, creative experience for a small group of participants. Workshop Leaders are expected to guide, interact, and instruct a single class (10-20 writers) for a 60-90 minute session. (Workshop Leaders do NOT have to collect participant work in advance.)
I'd love to lead this workshop
Workshop: How to become a Hip-Hop/Performance/Spoken Word Artist
Workshop: Creating (or Documenting) Communities Through Writing
Workshop: Creating Graphic Narratives or Comics
Workshop: Writing Fantasy and/or Sci Fi
Workshop: Hands-On—Making Books, Printing, Illustrating
Workshop: Writing for Elementary School Writers
Workshop: Writing for Middle Grade Writers
Workshop: Writing for High School Writers
Workshop: Writing the Veteran's Experience
Workshop: Writing for Retirees
What happens next:
We'll review each proposal and will get back to you by December, 2019. Thank you so much for your interest! We hope to see you at UntitledTown in 2020!!
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