Elements 2020 - Theme Camp Application
Theme Camps are a new concept at Elements in 2020. They are a way for a group or collective (8 or more people) to live/camp/play together inside our brand-new Vibe Villages. Each Village is centered around an interest or other commonality.

Theme Campers are encouraged to do something unique (wear costumes, set up a stage, create an art installation, decorate their camp/village, etc). They are the moment the attendee becomes a participant, and thus, a part of our festival experience.

The cost to participate in a Theme Camp is $25 per person. This money will be used to provide the necessary support to the Village they're a part of. Your group will only be charged once your application has been approved and you have reached the minimum number of Campers (8). Every Camper must have the necessary festival passes to participate.

Here are the application steps:

1. Make sure you are attending Elements!
2. Fill out this form ✍️
3. We will review and get back to you
4. Once approved, you'll be given a link for your Campers to use to purchase the Theme Camp add-in
5. Once all Campers have purchased, your Theme Camp will be activated and you'll be added your Village's only community to start planning 🎉
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