"Dream Up, Speak Up" Workshop
UNICEF, in collaboration with The Speech Academy is organizing a complimentary Public Speaking Workshop for donor’s children. The Speech Academy’s team of dedicated & passionate trainers have put together interactive activities with a focus on building your child's vocabulary, grammar and storytelling to boost your child's Public Speaking skills and overall confidence. This is where children do not just learn to speak, but they speak to learn!

Each session is limited to 25 children and it will be conducted by The Speech Academy via an online platform.

Workshop details:

o Date: 28 Nov 2020 (Sat)
o Venue: Online Workshop via Zoom
o Time: 9.30am / 11.30am
o Duration: 1.5 hours

The Speech Academy supports UNICEF to keep every child's dream bright and alive. #KeepItLit
*Terms and conditions
Upon joining this activity, you will also agree to the Terms and Conditions below:

1. UNICEF holds the copyright of the recording and/or video during the event/workshop held by The Speech Academy. Agree to be contacted by UNICEF/TSA for registration follow-up leading to the workshop

2. By participating in this activity, I will grant The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) with a worldwide, irrevocable and perpetual license to feature my photo, recording, and video of my likeliness in any of its electronic and printed materials for the purposes of promoting peace, tolerance and children’s rights, and promoting or fundraising or advertising for UNICEF. UNICEF will credit the recording and/or video to my name whenever they are being used.

3. The activity is open to children aged 6 years - 15 years old only.

4. I waive all claims to compensation or damages based on the use of my likeness by UNICEF.

5. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished recording or video.

6. I understand that any personal information provided to UNICEF will be handled with care and confidentiality.

7. I understand that UNICEF assume no responsibility for any injury or loss sustained arising out of my participation in these events.

8. UNICEF reserves the right to modify or cancel this event or any of the arrangements, schedules, plans or other items directly or indirectly related to the event, at any time and for any reason if deemed necessary.

9. For participants below 18 years old:

- I confirm that I did speak with my parent or legal guardian for their permission to participate in this activity, and BEFORE giving my personal information to UNICEF. This is required by the law.

- I confirm that my parent or legal guardian has provided their consent for the release of any recording or video of my likeness and have agreed to all the terms listed above on my behalf.
By clicking on the "Accept" button hereunder, I hereby agree and consent to the above Terms and Conditions. *
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