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I hereby declare that my personal data shown in this filled form are correct and the most up-to-dated. I understand and agree that my personal data are/will be used for the receipt of the latest course/activity information from the Playright Children's Play Association (Playright) and/or registration as a Playright Volunteer. In accordance with the privacy policies held by HKSAR, Playright maintains and uses the personal data provided in this form for the purposes as stated only. You are not required to fill in and submit this form if you are not willing to receive any information from Playright or register as a volunteer of our association. For enquiries, changes or any requests for the cease of the use of the personal data submitted, please contact our staff member at +852 2898 2922.

本人謹此聲明本人在此表格自願填報的個人資料,均屬真確及最新資料。本人明白及同意此等資料將用於收取智樂兒童遊樂協會(智樂)的最新課程/活動資訊,以及/或申請成為本會義工之用。智樂按照香港規定的私隱政策,保存及使用此表格內提供的個人資料,用作以上所列之用途。如閣下不同意,無須在表格上作任何填寫。如欲查詢、更改或要求停止使用所填寫的個人資料,請與智樂職員聯絡,查詢電話:+852 2898 2922。
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