Participant Discovery
Survey of people who have been participants, to see what there experience is like of research
How many pieces of research have you taken part in?
Out of the following methods of research, which methods do you enjoy taking part in the most?
I really like doing
I like doing
Neither like nor dislike
I dislike doing
I really dislike doing
Not taken part in this type of research
One to one question only interview
One to one testing of a website
Group research
How would you rank the following environments for research to take part in?
Very good
Neither good nor bad
Very bad
Not taken part in this type of research
Researcher visit my home
Video call
Research venue in city centre
Meet researcher at neutral location e.g. Cafe
Take part in research with out speaking with research
Would the method or environment of research stop you from taking part in the research?
Can you please explain
Your answer
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