TTS Designer Application

This round of Totally Top Shelf Events will start on -March 3rd - 24th
This Months Event Will Be - MAGIC

Ok so the title is a little vague but when you think into it is it really?. What do YOU consider magic? could it be wizards and witches? Alchemy? or could it be a man using the art of illusion to entertain his public. Could it be a casting white mage in a computer game? (final fantasy comes to mind to me, overwatch? WoW, League of Legends?:D) Im sure we all have an idea what magic means in our mind and the possibilities are endless.

You are allowed 25 prims. but if more is needed we can discuss

We have 50 places available :


Do you wish to be a sponsor?:

Contact name:

Your full perm logo:

• We encourage NEW releases; ORIGINAL items made from scratch. However, if you do use templates, they must have a uniqueness about them with either their texturing or added pieces/features.
• Items should be priced 20-50% off (Optional)
• Items should NOT be made available at other locations/on the marketplace during the event
• Items should be sent out to the event bloggers as soon as they're ready
• Items/stalls should be rezzed 2 days prior to the event opening
• Stall prices are 2000L$ per stall for 25 prims (negotiable)
• We encourage unisex items, or one male/one female. We want to be appealing to both sexes.
• Sponsors are required to make a small gift item that will be placed by your stall and set to the TTS Groupies group only.
• In addition to a new release, designers may also set up ONE gacha machine in their stall. Items do not have to be new content, but must fit the theme.

**Please make sure you have read through the requirements and fully understand them PRIOR to submitting your application. Any designer using content which violates copyright laws, LL TOS or Content Creators TOS will have their items returned without warning and could be banned from participating in future events.**

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