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Thank you for reaching out as a member of the essential workforce during the COVID19 pandemic. The essential workforce is defined by Governor Whitmer's Executive Order (2020-16) as the following:
Essential workforce includes: health care workers, home health workers, direct care workers, emergency medical service providers, first responders, law enforcement personnel, sanitation workers, child care workers (including any employees acting as child care workers in essential workforce child care centers), personnel providing correctional services, postal workers, public health employees, key government employees, court personnel, and others providing critical infrastructure to Michiganders.
Critical infrastructure” includes: utilities, manufacturing, mass transit, and groceries or other essential supplies, goods, or equipment.
Key government employees includes: child protective services workers, child welfare workers, foster care workers including those from contracted agencies, recipient rights workers, employees of the Executive Office of the governor, cabinet officers and their designees, Department of Health and Human Services field office staff, Unemployment Insurance Agency employees, and other employees identified by the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget.
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Thank you for submitting your interest form to Early Childhood Services-Calhoun ISD, an enrollment support coordinator will be in contact within 24 hours to connect with you about your child care needs. If you have any questions you can also call or text us at 269-660-1606 or email
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