Request to Speak at Nerd Nite Raleigh - 2019
Are you interested in speaking at Nerd Nite Raleigh? Sign up here to let us know!

Note that all future Nerd Nite Raleigh events are currently expected to take place at Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh, located at 2116-D New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC 27610

All presenters receive free entrance and complimentary drink of choice as a show of appreciation and compensation for their time!

After we notify you that we'd like you to speak & confirm a date, please submit a PowerPoint for our review to NerdNiteRaleigh @ Presentations generally are 15-18 minutes. If you do not plan to use a PowerPoint we need to review your legible notes (to ensure they're legible in the dark lighting space, etc) or need to discuss how you plan to present.
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