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Beautiful Trouble trainings are a dynamic mix of hands-on group exercises, powerful presentations, strategic brainstorms, and other skill-building activities designed to empower and engage folks to be smarter, more creative, more resourced organizers. We provide trainings on creative direct action, arts activism, messaging, humor, pranks, disruptions, and of course the nuts and bolts of organizing and campaigning.

Does that sound up your alley? Are you a Beautiful Troublemaker?
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Experience: Please share briefly with us your relevant skills and experience that make you a perfect fit for our training network. (Organizations you’ve facilitated trainings with, actions you’ve organized, etc. Note your experience, if any, with the tactics and tools in The Book: )
One of BT sweet spots is overlap with creative cultural work with direct action experience. So, what kind of familiarity or experience with nonviolent action do you have? How about with Risk arrest scenarios? Can you share with us your experience with planning and executing NVA? Have you trained others in NVA?
Trainings offered: What kinds of trainings are you most excited about facilitating? (For helpful examples, take a look at some of BT's offerings here: And feel free to include links to trainings you've led in the past, or are currently offering.)
Popeye time: Tell us a bit about your strengths as a trainer!
Kryptonite: And now share with us your weaknesses, or growing edges, around training.
Standing ovation: What was one of the best trainings you’ve ever been a part of and why?
Get engaged: What is one of your favorite ice breakers or closing exercises and what does it aim to do?
Diversity: Beautiful Trouble strives to be a diverse network of trainers to serve a diverse array of movements. Please share any aspects of your identity that you’d like us to know about. (ie POC, LGBTQ, gender)
The Beautiful Trouble Training Network takes a stand against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, ageism, and other forms of oppression and prejudice. We aim to infuse our trainings with a deeper understanding of power and privilege. If you have participated in or led anti-oppression trainings, please comment on that experience and/or your relevant skills here.
Payment: Most BT trainings are custom-designed for a paying client. (See our training fees page for clients here: We aim to pay trainers well ($200-$700 per day depending on length and difficulty of training). The client covers all transport and lodging costs, and we in addition throw in a modest per diem. On occasion BT offers low-cost or free trainings for under-resourced movement groups and for activists at large during key movement mobilizations. So….do you like to get paid for your trainings?:
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Travel: Are you open to travel? Or only interested in carrying out trainings in your area? If your travel is limited to a specific geographic region, please describe.
Continuity: Sometimes clients will want some follow-up assistance after the training, and are willing to pay for it. Groups new to creative action often need some skilled help to make their actions effective. Hypothetically, would you be open to continue to work with the org/client/trainees as an advisor?
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Stamp of approval: Please list 2-3 references of folks you’ve worked with in the past that can vouch for your awesomeness and reliability as a trainer.
Connect the dots: How did you hear about Beautiful Trouble and who can we thank for sending you our way?
If Beautiful Trouble were to have an Action Network providing paid mentoring roles to organizations and activists would you be interested to be a part of it?
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Anything else you’d like to share with us?
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