Scholarships for DigiFI African Scholars - J-PAL DEDP MicroMasters online courses
We are happy to share the news that thanks to the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, DigiFI Africa are able to offer scholarships to participate in the online MicroMasters classes.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must either be:
(1) An African Scholar i.e. individuals who have completed their PhD and who are based at an academic institution in Africa;
(2) Current PhD students based at an academic institution in Africa; OR
(3) Government officials based in Africa

Each semester, learners selected for these scholarships will receive all the perks of being a paid learner, including taking the in-person exams to earn the course certificate, access to community and job forums, and direct communication with program staff.

If you are interested in receiving a scholarship for a Data, Economics, and Development Policy MicroMasters (DEDP) course this semester, starting on June 2nd 2020, please answer all the questions in the form below. Applicants will be judged on the quality of their answers, so please take time to carefully consider and read through your answers before submitting this application. Current performance in the course is also looked at when making selection decisions. The scholarship is open to both learners who have already progressed through some of the curriculum, as well as those who are completely new to the program. We do not offer scholarships for courses already completed and scholarships need to be approved prior to taking the exam.

Scholarship applications to take MicroMasters courses close on Monday, 15 June 2020, so apply soon! Scholarship decisions will be communicated to applicants before the financial aid deadline. Should you have any questions about the programme itself, please don’t hesitate to reach out by writing to For scholarship related questions, please email We hope this opportunity will be of interest to many of you and look forward to your applications!

Please note that you will need to complete and submit this document in one sitting, so consider preparing all of your answers in another text document before copy and pasting them into the form, and clicking submit. You can find a PDF version of the application form here:

For more information on opportunities for African Scholars through DigiFI, please look at our website: We encourage you to sign up to our African Scholars database:
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In order to be eligible for this scholarship, one needs to have completed their PhD and be based at an academic institution in Africa.
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How do you envision being able to leverage your own unique skillset and these technical skills to improve policy and data analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa? *
Please be as concrete as possible: The best answers will describe a specific problem or policy that you believe taking the MicroMasters courses may help you solve or improve.
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