MCC Halloween Housing Scavenger Hunt Registration
Hello Dear Housing Enthusiasts!

This time we're in for a world of fun with our first ever Halloween Housing Scavenger Hunt!

For Event Information check out:
To Ask Questions, feel free to join the discord:

For this event, Home Owners (You) have complete creative control!

*Registration Rules*: In order to register your home for this event, you have to agree to do the following:
Home owners will hide 1 (one) stuffed tabletop housing item in their homes and submit the X, Y and Z coordinates (to the best of your ability) where it's hidden. For this event, please only have one of this particular stuffed item in your home.

The difficulty level of this event is medium, so please don't hide your stuffed housing item in a spot that is impossible to find. Guests should NOT have to glitch through walls or furnishing to find your stuffed tabletop item.

*Game Rules*: This event prides itself in having guests explore your beautiful designs, search for an item that YOU'VE hidden and race back to the final area! :)

Guests will be given the Server, Address and an Image of the item they are looking for within your home. Then they will use the form to submit their answers, before racing to the final location to claim their prize.

For this first scavenger hunt, we will have 16 homes max for guests to search in 2 hours. It's about 7.5 minutes per home if we get 16.

If you'd like to participate, there will be a bonus 17th home for you to explore as well <3

Owner Name *
Please use an In-Game name. For FC Houses you can list either the owner or the FC name! Example: "Erys Night" or "Team Static FC House"
Server on the Aether Data Center *
House Size *
Housing District *
Ward *
Plot Number *
Enter 0 if this is an apartment.
Room Number
If this is an FC Room or an apartment, please enter the Room Number
Stuffed Tabletop Item *
Hello, please choose from this list of stuffed Tabletop Items in the game!
Nearest Aetheryte *
Required: Please look this information up before submitting.
Coordinates of Stuffed Tabletop Item
Please enter the X, Y, Z coordinates of the hidden item. If you do not have it at this time, it's still OK to submit! Just send a discord message to Erys Night once you've hidden it. Erys Night#9999
Floor That Stuffed Tabletop Item Is On? *
Flavor Text
Optional: Enter in any flavor text that you would like to be included with your entry. This can be a hint as to where the item is hidden or a riddle! Please keep it SFW.
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