St John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth - Community Questionnaire
APEC Architects specialises in community-led regeneration projects, and we are working with St John’s Cathedral to explore the redevelopment of the Cathedral site and how it can best serve the local community of Portsmouth. The Cathedral is already actively working with some of the most vulnerable people in Portsmouth, and are passionate about providing an inclusive space that is welcoming to all.

Part of this process is to invite you, as members of the local community, to have your say. Your thoughts and ideas will help us understand the current challenges, as well as any potential opportunities, and will shape the outcome of this important development. All responses will be made anonymous, and no personal information will be disclosed with any third party organisations without your consent.
A few questions about you to begin with:
1. Gender:
2. What age are you?
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3. How far from St John's Cathedral do you live?
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Now some questions about the Cathedral and the existing community facilities on site:
4. How often do (or did) you visit the Cathedral site?
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5. If regularly, for how many years have you been coming to the Cathedral?
6. What makes St John's special to you? (This could be a memory or how it makes you feel…)
7. What words would you use to describe the Cathedral's current community facilities? (This could be about the atmosphere, what spaces are like…)
8. Are there any improvements to the current community facilities that you think are needed?
Now some questions about community activities and outreach in Portsmouth:
9. What challenges and needs are you aware of that local people face? (Please tick all that apply)
10. Which of these do you think St John's Cathedral may be able to address? (This could include challenges that you know St John's is already working to address)
11. Are you involved with any community events/activities locally? If so, what are they?
12. If you gave an answer to Question 11, where are these activities held?
13. Do you think Portsmouth City centre needs more space for community activities/events?
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14. If St John's Cathedral was to provide space for community use, would this appeal to you?
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15. Are there any activities/events that you would be interested in holding in such a space?
16. Do you have any other comments?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. If you would like to be kept up-to-date with the project, please leave your contact details:
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